The company
BSO BRASIL is a consulting firm that provides complete assistance to company whishing to enter and grow up  in the brazilian market with their own product or service.
BSO BRASIL offers a fast and flexible service reaching a high level of interaction with its customers at the time of planning  project as the implementation stage.
BSO Brasil is an idea of the founder and owner, Fabio Moro, that combines in one activity both his passions: international commerce and Brazil.


The owner
Fabio Moro started his professional carreer as a lawyer but he specialized as marketing and international trade consultant, playing masters and courses in various Intitutions and University in Italy, Argentina and Brazil
For two years he's collaborated with the Chambers of Commerce Association of italian Veneto Region as project manager to support italian SMEs in the Romanian market, and as a member of a European Commission's project to support a thousand Romanian institutions' network.
After that he managed  a project in Buenos Aires as a resident business developer in the real estate area.
Since 2011 he manages with enhusiasm and passion multisector projects in support of foreign companies to enter and grow up in the brazilian market.